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Dear Loyal Customers,

The current reports regarding lung illness associated with “vaping devices” is causing mass hysteria.

“These deaths have been linked to black-market THC cartridges sold in states with outdated cannabis laws. Thickening agents, thickening additives, and Vitamin E based adulterants typically used by cannabis product manufacturers can be extremely dangerous and unpredictable. The Jones products DO NOT contain any of these components, and we do not manufacture any THC or CBD products whatsoever.” said CSO, Zayd Turbi

In the time the 6 tragic deaths occurred, 57,000 American adults died just as tragically from smoking related disease. 

480,000 Americans will die due to smoking every year.

However, this is not the conversation that is occurring.

Our kids are dying from illnesses linked to black market THC cartridges, while politicians and interest groups are calling for bans of flavored nicotine products?

Accusations are flying that our industry is using flavors to target underage users to “get kids hooked” to our products.

The claim that flavors in e-liquids “hook kids” is completely naive at best and disingenuous at worst. Teenagers do not start vaping because of some tasty flavor, teenagers start vaping to get “Domed,” “Buzzed,” or “Lit”.  In other words they are chasing a feeling … not a flavor.

Pulling flavors from the market is simply diverting attention from what really makes the teens love some products, additives like benzoic acid that increases the feeling of getting buzzed.

The Jones products DO NOT contain benzoic acid or any other extra additives.

Nicotine consumption will never be a healthy activity, just like a glass of wine a day isn’t really good for your heart (sorry ladies). It is a vice, a luxury, and a lifestyle choice.  The safest activity possible would be not smoking or vaping at all. This is why The Jones created the nicotine stepdown program, so smokers can do their best to wean off nicotine.

“The only silver lining to this situation is that it brings to light a very important subject regarding the quality of the smoking alternative products that are offered to the public.

Nicotine based e-liquid products should be subject to high standards of safety and good manufacturing practices.

We also agree that the legal age to purchase nicotine products should be consistent across the nation.” said, Omar A. Turbi, CEO

See Jones Commitment to excellence in Manufacturing and Quality Control

Banning flavors will add yet another barrier to 13 million ADULT American vapers to the flavors they need to keep them away from deadly combustible tobacco use.

“Destroying thousands of small businesses and sending ex-smokers back to smoking will do nothing to stop drug dealers from selling contaminated THC cartridges. A flavor ban will only lead to the creation of yet another multibillion-dollar black market that will operate with zero safety controls.” said, Gregory Conley, President of the American Vaping Association

The Jones™ was designed by former smokers looking for a healthier option to traditional smoking. We want former smokers and future former-smokers to have a quality alternative to the traditional cigarette or even e-cigarettes.  Because at kJ Laboratories we aren’t just the makers of the Jones™, we are end-users ourselves. 

To our loyal customers, we want to assure you that come what may we are prepared both legally and scientifically to weather any storm brought down through regulation. We are here for you and will always have your back.

It is the time to ACT, not REACT.

Reacting will only make us weaker and guarantee defeat, while acting rationally and making the moves necessary to defend our freedoms will guarantee us victory.

In that spirit The Jones team has decided to increase our budget  and plans to spend  a significant portion of our profits to fight for your access to flavors.

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity” - Sun Tzu

- The Jones Team 2019

For more information on what you can do please check out And American Vape Association’s Fact List Here