At The Jones our primary objective has and always will be product quality and safety. In order to offer better alternatives to traditional cigarettes we require the most rigorous quality control and manufacturing standard specifications throughout the industry. The Jones’ quality management systems are continuously improving with the guidance of our regulatory and quality advisors, departments, executives, and technicians, who have half a century or more of collective experience. We reaffirm our commitment to leading the industry on the highest quality standards for our products.

Our Liquids

The formulations that The Jones™ uses follow a strict quality management system from extreme vetting of all suppliers and rigorous testing of all batches.  Our Production team, which consists of Highly trained Quality management experts and is led by biochemists with backgrounds at some of the most elite laboratories in the world, tirelessly audits every e-liquid, pod, and disposable we bring to market. Although Good manufacturing Practices (GMP) have not yet been established with regards to our products we internally audit ourselves following ISO:9001 protocols, and implement required specifications of our manufacturing facilities on par with international medical device standards similar to ISO:13485 methodologies.

From development to production we ensure that everything that goes into our products are fully traceable from the most reliable and trustworthy suppliers in the world. We spare no expense to provide our customers with the assurance that when they use a Jones™ product it is the highest quality vaping experience possible.

Our Pods and Disposables

From inception to design we use rigorous methodologies and testing arrays to confirm that each and every product that we release onto the market is of the utmost quality and provides the absolute best experience to our customers. Our Manufacturing is performed by the most well vetted and highly regarded company in the industry, with standards second to none.

Our Commitment to Quality

We are committed to full traceability and sourcing from only the highest quality suppliers. Our Team performs rigorous testing and quality control on every batch and every single product is tracked through a sophisticated batch tracking system.

 We enact inbound and outbound QC, which is exactly why we never rush our products to market. Every production batch is sampled and tested alongside it’s resulting finished product to ensure there is and never was any adulteration of the product. If the product is found to be faulty even by a marginal percentage, then we dispose of it through EPA certified channels.

The Jones™ pod not only has unique intellectual property of its designs (see Here) and formulations, but also offers:

MORE volume of e-liquid to minimize pod wastage and pollution,

BETTER flavors to minimize puff volume for a better experience,

Which combine to provide a...

LONGER lasting pod with higher quality.