The Jones Commitment to Underage Prevention

Our Commitment to Underage Prevention

The Jones is Dedicated to tobacco harm-reduction and decreasing the number of people addicted to nicotine. As such we take a firm stance against selling, marketing or providing access to minors for our products. We are firm believers that vaping provides a better alternative for smokers and believe that it is the responsibility of each link in the chain of the e-cigarette industry to do their very best to prevent minors from obtaining nicotine products.

In the event of underage sale of our products by one of our thousands of retail customers or affiliates we encourage you to inform us immediately! Please send the details and information of the offending retailer or affiliate to with the Company name, and address including city and state.  Our compliance department will perform an investigation, if it is found that the offending retailer is unwilling to take steps to prevent this in the future they will be permanently banned from carrying our products.