Behind The Jones

Why We Are. 

What drives a smoker to spend their cash on a pack of cigarettes, day in day out?  

We all know it isn’t healthy.  

We all know it makes us stink, it inconveniences us in a massive way.  

When it rains, in snowstorms, on scorching summer days we will brave whatever nature throws at us just to satisfy that craving.   

Because that’s what it is, it’s the intense craving for that morning drag, that after dinner burn that we thought about through the whole meal. It becomes so central to a smoker’s life that we are literally held hostage by it. Then, if we are lucky, we discover vaping, and finally find a way to feed our addiction to nicotine without the 1000’s of extra poisons and carcinogens that combustible cigarettes contain. But still that craving is not quite satisfied. We find a flavor we like but it doesn’t give us the right throat hit, or we find a throat hit we like and it has no flavor.  

The Struggle is real. 

That’s what The Jones Pods is all about. Satiating that craving, without increasing your dependence on nicotine. 

Satisfying Your Jones! 

Our competitors, take the lazy route of increasing their nicotine content in their pods to attract users. All this does is make you sick and by increasing your nicotine intake you are simply increasing your dependence pointlessly! 

We are completely focused on creating pods that are compatible with the leading pod systems that offer the best flavors, best Throat Hit, and highest quality harm reducing vaping experience, at an affordable price.    

Our Message is clear..... Satisfy your Jones.  

We believe that Electronic Nicotine Devices....vaping is the pathway to a longer life and healthier future for the masses affected by nicotine addiction. We have been involved in the vaping industry for the last few years and have observed to obvious evolutionary course to provide ease of use and accessibility to the great number of those smokers who are literally dying to quit combustible tobacco is pod based systems.  

In 2015 we put our heads down and began the research and development process with the goal in mind of creating a device and blend of e-liquid that would satisfy the average smoker with a no-hassle exceptional experience.